North East Dance Cooperative

I have just received a very pleasant email from Angeline Lucas of the North East Dance Cooperative ("NEDC").  Angeline describes the Cooperative as "an independent, not-for-profit, volunteer-led community enterprise."  Its philosophy is cooperation, collaboration and community.  It provides dance training, CPD, events and engagement opportunities as requested by our members. Membership is free and open to all in the North East England dance community.

Angeline contacted us because she believes that the NEDC could be a vehicle for assisting us in our goals with Powerhouse Ballet.  She also plans an adults' performance company in the North East and has invited any of our connections within easy reach of Newcastle who might have difficulty in participating in activities in Greater Manchester or South and West Yorkshire to contact the Cooperative.  I am very grateful for her offer of assistance and also glad to assist her in the way she suggests.   I look forward to working with the Cooperative and its proposed performance company through Powerhouse Ballet, my blog and otherwise.  Readers can find out more about the NEDC by visiting its Facebook page at

Incidentally, Angeline mentioned that she trained at Northern Ballet School with my teachers, Karen Sant of KNT and Cara O'Shea of Northern Ballet Academy.  Readers of Terpsichore  will know my high regard for both of them.

Anyone wishing to discuss this article can send me a message through my contact form.


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