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  Whenever Jane Tucker  works with David Plumpton  something special happens.   I noticed it in our first-anniversary class in 2019,  In the middle of our barre exercises Jane remarked: "Oh David, I missed you so much!" Whereupon the whole class erupted in applause.   I wrote: "From then on, the rest of the afternoon was magic." And so it was yesterday.   It was the best-attended class since lockdown despite all sorts of vicissitudes,   It was certainly the happiest class since 2019 if not the happiest ever. I missed the first half of the class because I was caught up in the congestion on the M1 caused by its closure between Junctions 41 and 42  as a result of a pileup but David told me that he played "The Day We Went to Bangor"  during the barre exercises because he remembered that I like that tune.  I was able to take part in all the centre exercises once I had warmed up with some hurried tendus, plies and glasses.  These were tendus in the centre, a de

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