Nothing Second Class about our Second Class

Powerhouse Ballet Company Class 30 June 2018
Author Mark Hindle
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Even though it was a sweltering 28 degrees we managed to fill Studio 3 of the Dancehouse for our second company class. Attendees came from all parts of the North. One from as far away as  Swansea.  Another from Birmingham. Yet another from Lincoln.

Mark Hindle of KNT taught the class.   He took us through the usual barre exercises, pirouettes, a port de bras, glissades and jetés.  The minutes simply sped by and it was time for cool down far too soon.

Everybody who attended the class seemed to enjoy it.   Katie posted:

Another classmate remarked:

"Hi I just wanted to say thanks again for organising today. I really enjoyed class with Mark and thought he was an excellent teacher. I loved his attention to detail and his insistence on the basics being right and I’ve come out of today with a lot of food for thought which is wonderful "

Mark has a great eye for detail and he dispensed lots of corrections.  He warned us that he would yell like a witch.  Actually he didn't.  He pointed out faults in detail and gave very thorough corrections which I found helpful.

Some of his quips, which may seem corny on the printed page, were witty in the context in which they were made.  "We shall next do fondus" he announced. "Does anyone know what that means?" "Melt" we all shouted in unison. "Yes! just like we are doing in this hot studio,"

Our last class before the summer break will take place on 28 July at Dance Studio Leeds between 14:00 and 15:30. It will be given by Annemarie Donoghue of Northern Ballet who is another great teacher.  The Eventbrite announcement will appear later today or first thing tomorrow.


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