Ballet Black is Back!

Ballet Black will be back in the North in November. They will be at the Stanley and Audrey Burton in Leeds on Friday the 16 and Saturday the 17 and at the Lowry in Greater Manchester on Monday the 19. They will perform The Suit by Cathy Marston and A Dream within a Midsummer Night's Dream by Arthur Pita (see the repertoire page on Ballet Black's new website).

I saw that show twice at the Barbican in March and at the Nottingham Playhouse in May and in my humble opinion this is the company's best show yet.  Here is my review of the London performance (Excellence - Ballet Black's Double Bill 17 March 2018 Terpsichore) and of the one in Nottingham (Ballet Black's Standing Ovation at the Nottingham Playhouse 17 May 2018 Terpscihore).

We can learn a lot from Ballet Black and I think it would be fun if as many of us as possible could see the show together.  Cassa Pancho and her dancers often answer questions from the audience after the show but even if they don't on this tour I am sure they would be happy to say "eh up!" to us if we meet them at a convenient moment in Yorkshire or "how do!"  if we do so in the North West.  I shall enquire about group bookings at the Stan and Audrey and the Quays and report back to you.  I was thinking of going to Leeds on the Saturday and the Lowry on the Monday.

It would help me a lot if I could have some idea of numbers.  If you would like to come on either of those days please send me a message through my contact form by 25 Aug 2018.  I will ask again at the company class on Saturday.


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