David Plumpton

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As our audition for our first ballet will be very special and Terry has persuaded David Plumpton to play for us.  He  invited David to play because he wants to give us the best possible class.  His class would have been good anyway but it will be even better with such a famous accompanist.

We all know David's recordings.  I was introduced to his work by Fiona Noonan, the ballet teacher who led me back to the barre after 45 years.  And whenever I feel I am getting a little too old for this ballet malarkey David's music draws me back for another class like iron filings to a magnet.

Terry will be looking for a cast of between 6 and 8 including at least one man.  The ballet will be called Aria  and our music will be by the French composer Claude Bolling.  The first movement will be a stately adagio and will end with something fast and rhythmic.  I have spent much of the afternoon and evening listening to Bolling's music.  I love the way he moves from classic to jazz and then back again  in his Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio.

I spoke to Terry about some of the feedback that I have received on Facebook and my responses. One of our most loyal dancers asked whether my dream was that of a professional or semi-professional company.  I replied:

"Ballet is intended for the theatre. Our mission is to give everyone who wants it the opportunity to perform. The experience of appearing in costume under the lights in stage make-up before a living, breathing and, crucially, paying audience is delicious and unique. However, our standards must be high from the start. There are some roles that are so difficult that they can be performed only by guest artists. However, other roles can be performed by enthusiastic adult ballet students like us. There should be something for everyone even if it is just being a guest at Mr and Mrs Stahlbaum's party. .Powerhouse Ballet is intended to complement what we learn in our regular classes at KNT Danceworks, Academy of Northern Ballet or elsewhere and to make those classes even more meaningful for us."

Several dancers who have only recently started pointe class expressed misgivings about my invitation to those who have them to bring their pointe shoes to the audition.   Terry confirmed that our ballet does not have to be performed on pointe and that a dancer who is weak in pointework may have a countervailing quality that he needs.  So everyone is in with a chance.

Inevitably there will be excellent dancers who do not make the cut.  Please don't be discouraged.  This is only our first show.  There will be more auditions in the future and the experience you gain from this audition will place you at an advantage for the next one.  Also you will get one of the best classes ever on 15 Sept. 

Finally, our class is now full but if I get an application from an outstanding dancer - particularly a male candidate as only one has applied so far - I will happily relinquish my place for him or her. If anyone has any questions about this article or the rehearsal generally, send me a message through my  contact form as I will get a second chance to attend a class with Terry at the warm up on Sunday morning. Nobody else has the opportunity so please don't give up your place if you want to be in the show and can attend most if not all the rehearsals and classes.


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