Preparing for the Audition

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An audition before a world famous choreographer to the accompaniment of David Plumpton's music will be both thrilling and daunting. The dancers in this video dance with Duchy Ballet which is an amateur company just like us but I am sure you will agree there is nothing amateur about their performance.  That is the standard to which Terry Etheridge is accustomed and it is the standard he expects us to reach.

Earlier this evening Amelia, Elaine, Nicola, Sophie and I discussed  how dancers could prepare for the audition.  A lot of opportunities will arise over the next few weeks.  Over the bank holiday weekend Hannah Bateman and David Kierce offer the Ballet Retreat  Many of my friends and acquaintances have attended that course and recommend it very highly (see Mary Howard's The Ballet Retreat 4 Oct 2016 Terpsichore and Wendy McDermott Ballet Retreat Revisited - Wendy McDermott's Experience 22 Jan 2017 Terpsichore). Places fill quickly but it may still be worth completing the online form in case of cancellations.

Immediately after the Ballet Retreat Martin Dutton will be KNT;s guest teacher at The Dancehouse. He will give two classes: one from 18:30 to 19:55 on Tuesday 28 Aug for beginners and pre-intermediate students and another from 20:00 to 21:15 for advanced.  I have attended one class with Martin and two intensive worlshops on The Nutcracker  and La Bayad├Ętr and I can tell you is that he is ace. Sadly, I shall miss that class because I shall be on holiday in Wales but maybe I can find a drop in class there.

From September KNT will resume its normal classes at the Dancehouse in Manchester.   The Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon classes will be particularly useful.
Northern Ballet will start up in Leeds shortly afterwards.  I strongly recommend Jane Tucker's Wednesday evening classes and Chris Hinton-Lewis's  Thursday evening ones. There are excellent classes at Hype Dance in Sheffield, Ballet North in Halifax, Dance Studio Leeds and Lynton Academy in Harrogate.

If I can get a studio and a teacher between 15:00 and 16:00 I shall try to arrange a warm-up class immediately before the audition on 15 Sept. I  am anxious to show Terry what we in the North can do.


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