We Now Have a Bigger Studio

Dance Studio Leeds has been able to release Studio 3, its biggest studio to us from 16:00 to 17:30 on Saturday 15 Sept 2018.  That means we start 30 minutes later. 

I hope that does not interfere with anybody's plans for Saturday afternoon and evening.  It has enabled me to offer places to artists on the waiting list.  It also gives Terry a bit more time.  His flight arrives at Ringway at 12:20 and this extra half hour will allow for hazards like fog at Newquay or gridlock on the M62.

Studio 3 is 13 metres by 8 which is just under 1,120 square feet.  That is just over 400 square feet larger than the studio in which we danced on 28 July.  Studio 3 should accommodate us all but if we get an application from a particularly promising candidate I shall give up my place to him or her.

I should like to thank everybody who has registered for the audition and wish everybody toi, toi, toi.


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