Company Class and Pointe Class with Jane Tucker

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Reproduced with kind permission of the author

Last week's "Super Class" in Liverpool was a hard act to follow. A tough 90 minute class with Mark Hindley followed by a delightful repertoire class with Yvonne Charlton (see Our Best Day Yet 24 Dec 2018).  But I think Jane Tucker's company class and pointe class on 27 Oct 2018 could be at least as good for it was Jane who got us started with her brilliant class in Huddersfield (see We have a company 27 May 2018).

For our Leeds company class we are returning to the big studio at Mabgate Mills where Terry Etheridge conducted an audition with David Plumpton at the piano (see Now the Hard Work begins 17 Sept 2018).  Mabgate Mills is half a mile from Northern Ballet and just over a mile from the mainline railway station.  The 42 bus runs from Infirmary Street to Lincoln Green Road.

Jane's classes are never easy but they are always fun.  She pushes us as hard as we think we can go and then some.   The best part for me are the zig-zags or grands jetēs  at the end.  I am even beginning to enjoy the chassés, pas de bouré and pirouettes even though I can't yet say that I have mastered them.

Immediately after the company class Jane will run a 30 minute pointe class for those who have mastered pointe work.   Those who have just started or hope to start soon will be catered for too with their own training on another occasion.

In the last 30 minutes. Beverley Willsmer will run a rehearsal of Aria  the ballet that Terry Etheridge created for us two weeks ago.

Tickets are flying off the Eventbrite page.   The studio is already half full.  If you have not already registered click the "Register" button now.



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