KNT's Day of Dance

Company Class 1 Dec 2019
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Last week Karen Sant gave us one of our best classes ever and several members of the company have already asked when she is coming back to give us another one.  The answer is: "as soon as possible."  Karen gives regular classes to pre-intermediate and advanced students The Dancehouse studios in Manchester on Tuesday evenings which I strongly recommend.

Another activity at The Dancehouse that I recommend is KNT's Day of Dance on 15 Dec 2018.  As you can see from this poster this is wall-to-wall dancing in several styles from 10:00 to 16:30.  Karen held a similar event in the summer which I attended.  It was a great success.  You can read all about it in Terpsichore (see Vampires 19 Aug 2018, KNT Danceworks Day of Day - A Couple of Postscripts 19 Aug 2018 and KNT's Day of Dance: Rachael's Musical Theatre Class 24 Aug 2018).

One of the reasons why the last Day of Dance was so good is that Karen hired top professionals.  They included Harriet Mills who is a principal ballerina with the Karlsruhe Ballet.  You can't get any higher than principal in a company.   Next week's teachers include Martin Dutton from The Hammond who taught two great repertoire classes last year on The Nutcracker and La Bayadère (see KNT Nutcracker Intensive 23 Dec 2017 and  KNT's One Day Workshop on La Bayadère 15 April 2018 Terpsichore) and Alex Hallas of Ballet Cymru who attended the launch of the Powerhouse Ballet Circle (see More than a Bit Differently: Ballet Cymru's Workshop and the Launch of the Powerhouse Ballet Circle 29 Nov 2018 Terpsichore). Sue Pritchard, Peter Harrop and I also saw him in Dylan Thomas – A Child’s Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs at Bangor on 1 Dec 2018 and he was very impressive.

Simon Garner announced at class yesterday that there were still one or two spaces in some of the classes so if you want to attend give Karen a call on  07783 103037 or an email on   She is also on Facebook and twitter.


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