A Singular Honour - Powerhouse Ballet to dance at KNT's 10th Anniversary Celebration

David Plumpton and Terry Etheridge

Last September I flew Terry Etheridge up from Newquay and commissioned him to create a ballet for us.  We had a great weekend which I discussed in Now the Hard Work Begins on 17 Sept 2018.  When I commissioned the work I had expected to stage it in MoveIT, a dance review that takes place at the Dancehouse from time to time. Unfortunately, MoveIT has turned out to be a moveable feast for various reasons beyond my control.

However. I am glad to report that we have been offered something much better.  Karen Sant, the principal of KNT Danceorks who gave us such a wonderful company class last month, sent me the following message last night:
Hello! I was thinking about this for ages so I'm going to ask you.
I'd like to invite powerhouse to perform their piece at the 10 year anniversary show if you would like that?
I initially wanted it to just be KNT Danceworks but would love to support you in a small way if it is something you'd like. Over the years you've written so many lovely things about knt and have been so supportive so I'd love to return the favour.
Let me know 😊
As you can imagine, I did not have to be asked twice:
"Karen, that is a dream come true, Yes we would love to be your guests. Thank you so much." 
I emailed Beverley Willsmer and Terry as soon as I received the news and posted an announcement to the rehearsal Facebook group as soon as I had received an acknowledgement from Terry.

I can't begin to tell you how honoured I feel.  Many of us attend Karen's classes regularly and nearly all of us have participated in a "Day of Dance", repertoire workshop or special class with such distinguished guests as Heather Mills, Isaac Peter Bowry, Alex Hallas, Martin Dutton and Jane Tucker. KNT's reputation is second to none and Karen's performances are outstanding.  We have a lot to live up to.

KNT's Tenth Anniversary gala takes place at the Dancehouse in Manchester on 4 May 2019.  In all likelihood, the theatre will be packed and the audience may well include persons of influence in dance from the North of England and beyond.  This is a golden opportunity for us to take Powerhouse Ballet to a new level and we have to grab it with both hands.

We shall discuss this matter further and fix some dates and times for rehearsals at Fiona Noonan's company class in Leeds tomorrow.  If you have not already registered for this class this is your chance.  Click here for the registration page.  The studio is almost full but we always have a few no-shows and cancellations on the day.  Tomorrow's class will be particularly good because Fiona has promised to start with centre barre to build up body strength, balance and stamina.  She saw us at Terry's audition and danced with us in Ballet Cymru's workshop and has a shrewd idea of what we need to work on in order to raise our game.


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