Our Road Map to the Future

Tabula Peutingeriana - an early road map

Over the weekend Terence Etheridge has held final rehearsals for the ballet that he created for us in September which Karen Sant has kindly invited us to dance at the 10th anniversary gala of KNT on 4 May 2019. Your dancers, choreographer, ballet mistress and costume designer have done a great job and I congratulate all of them.  If you come to the show you will be very proud of them.

To bring our company this far has required a lot of time and money.  I have invested in the venture because I could see no other way of getting it off the ground.  Now that the company has cleared the runway we need to keep it in the air. That will require an investment of money and time from everybody who wants the company to succeed.

As I have said many times before, our aim is to transform the company into a charitable incorporated organization   As that may take a little time to fulfil we shall reach it by stages.  First, we shall set up a members' club with charitable objects to take over from me the business and assets of the company after 4 May 2019.  The first step will be to approve a constitution and elect a committee which will consist of a chair, secretary and treasurer.  I shall draft the constitution between now and 27 April 2019.  I have therefore called a short meeting in the cafeteria of the Dancehouse at 13:00 on Saturday 27 April to answer questions and seek nominations for the committee.

The main job of the committee will be to set up and register a charitable incorporated organization with the Charity Commission.   It will also arrange company classes in Leeds with Jane Tucker on 25 May and Karen Sant or one of the other teachers from KNT in Manchester on 29 June 2019. The celebrated accompanist, David Plumpton, has kindly agreed to play at both classes.  If possible the committee will also agree a programme of rehearsals of Yvonne Charlton's other piece Morning Mood to the music of Peer Gynt by Edward Grieg with Fiona Noonan.

As soon as the charitable incorporated organization is formed the club will transfer our assets to the charity and disband.  Members of the club will become members of the charity and elect trustees and officers.  As a charity, we shall be eligible for funding from Arts Council England and other bodies.  We may also get sponsorship from businesses and individuals.  We should be able to raise a great deal more money and perhaps recruit an artistic director and expand our activities.

Please come to the meeting at 13:00 and Mark Hindle's class at the Dancehouse at 13:30 on 27 April if you possibly can.  Mark always gives us a good class and he is one of our best friends. You will also get an opportunity to see the final rehearsal of Aria. If you want to discuss anything in this article send me a message through my contact form.


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