We are celebrating with a Free Company Class for Paid Up Members

Jane Tucker with members of Powerhouse Ballet
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On 26 May 2018, Jane Tucker gave us our first company class which was brilliant  (see We have a Company 27 May 2018).  Since then, we have had 9 more all of which had been excellent.  We have also had some great workshops one of which was with Ballet Cymru, Terry Etheridge created a beautiful ballet for us which we performed for the first time last week and Yvonne Charlton has taught us two of her ballets. We have also organized ourselves into an association which will seek charitable incorporation and elected Alicia, Helena, Nicola, Sarah and me as officers,

We have a lot to celebrate.  To mark our first anniversary we have invited Jane Tucker back to give us our company class on Saturday, 25 May 2010 between 16:00 and 17:30.  Now Jane's classes are never easy but they are always fun and this will be particularly memorable because we have invited David Plumpton to play for her.   As David needs a real piano we are holding the class at Yorkshire Dance in the same studio where we hosted Ballet Cymru. That was a lovely venue with every facility we could possibly want including spacious and comfortable changing facilities.

Until 27 April I paid for everything including studio hire and ballet masters and mistresses and pianists' fees.  In future, we shall collect a £25 annual subscription and a contribution to the cost of classes, workshops and rehearsals.  When we have a pianist we shall ask members to pay £10 and guests £15. When the guest ballet master or mistress uses recorded music we shall charge members £7.50 and guests £10.

However, as the next company class will be a celebration, fully paid-up members can attend this class for free. We shall start to collect subs shortly.  Don't worry if you do not get round to paying your sub before the class because Nicola or some other committee member will collect it from you before the class starts.  You can register through Eventbrite by clicking here.

We have a great programme of events for you.  Fiona Noonan will rehearse Yvonne's Morning Mood in earnest very shortly. Maria Chugai has offered to give us a masterclass just as soon as we can fly her over from Amsterdam. Alex Hallas and Martin Dutton have offered us a weekend intensive in North Wales later in the year.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Yorkshire Dance on 25 May at 16:00.


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