Welcome to Tomorrow's Class - Coronavirus Precautions

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Tomorrow we shall hold our first live class in the North of England since the end of February.   It will take place at Yorkshire Dance at 3 St Peter's Square, Leeds between 15:00 and 16:30.    Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet Academy will take the class 

Sarah Lambert will bring some super-duper video equipment up from Birmingham to enable everyone who wants to follow the class online may do so.  I will post the Zoom address on the Powerhouse Ballet Internal Communications page so that members and special guests who want to follow the class can do so.   If you are not already a member of the company and would like to take part in the class, send me a message through my contact form before 13:00 tomorrow.   I will then send you a code.

I should like those of you who have got a place in the studio to:
  •  Watch the above video
  •  Download and install the new NHS track and trace app on your mobile phones, and
  • Read and follow Yorkshire Dance's COVID19 instructions which I shall email to each of you.
Have a great class time tomorrow whether you are taking part in Leeds or joining us on Zoom.


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