March Update

One of my best experiences as an adult ballet student was Jane Tucker's choreographic workshops at KNT (see "A Swan? Me a Swan? Ah! Go on!" 13 Aug 2015 Terpsichore). I was very apprehensive on the first day. Had it not been for a pep talk from Mel I don't think I would have gone (see KNT's Beginners' Adult Ballet Intensive - Swan Lake: Day 1 16 Aug 2015).  Jane started with Swan Lake and went on to teach us Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, La Bayadere and Coppelia.  I learnt more about those ballets from Jane's intensives than I had previously acquired in a lifetime of ballet going and review reading.

On 19 March 2022, we shall replicate that experience at Dance Studio Leeds.  This will be a continuation of our Waltz of the Flowers workshop from last November which we would have held in January had it not been for omicron.  We had allowed ourselves just 90 minutes to learn the piece in November which was not long enough.   This time we should nail it just as we did in Manchester.   I shall be posting the Eventbrite card in the next day or so.   

There will be another opportunity to work with Jane as she is holding an improver/intermediate class between 10:00 and 11:20 and a pointe class between 11:30 and 12:00 at Dance Studio Leeds on 13 March 2022. This class will be offered by Dance Studio Leeds and not by us but I strongly recommend it.  Helena, Fiona and I attended Jane's last class at those studios in the Autumn and we all enjoyed it.  I shall be there next Sunday.

Our February company class was given by Elizabeth Gunson.   This was the first time Lizzie had trained us and the feedback was great. Helena wrote:

"Wonderful class this afternoon
Thank you Jane Lambert for organising and Lizzie for all your help and encouragement"

Sophie added:

"Absolutely wonderful to be with you all again, Lizzie was amazing with such energy....."

Sue agreed:
"I have not done a grand jete en tournant for more than 3 years till this Saturday! Thank you so much Jane Lambert and @lizzie for a great class!"

Lizzie and I discussed that feedback when I attended my private lesson with her on Thursday. I asked her what she thought of us and whether she would like to come back. I am glad to say that she enjoyed working with us and she will be delighted to give us another class.

As we shall do a 90-minute class with Jane on 19 March there is no need for a company class on 26. Our next company class will be given by Fiona Noonan at 12:00 on 30 April 2022. It will take place in Huddersfield University's dance studio which we have used before for rehearsals.  The facilities are excellent as I have described in New Term at Team Hud - and around the World 8 Oct 2014 Terpsichore and Huddersfield should be much more convenient for dancers from the Northwest. There is a multistorey car park just across the road from the University and the mainline station with direct trains to Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield in a short walk away.

I am still looking for a new home in Manchester and as soon as I find one I shall invite Karen Sant, Mark Hindle and Suzie Mitchell to train us again in our beloved home city.  I have already approached Elizabeth Rae and Lynne Reucroft Croome to give us classes in Leeds. Looking further there will a workshop on Snowflakes from Mark, another on Wilis from Jane (also a great opportunity for any man who wants to learn Hilarion). At some point or pointe, we shall fly Yvonne back from IJsselstein and Terence from Truro.  I hope to get all those loose ends tied up by August in time for a summer school in Bangor with a view to a performance in September but if that is not possible we shall do it next year.


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