Dance Till You Drop

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Next Sunday Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet Academy will hold a 6-hour workshop on Giselle at Dance Studio Leeds.   As most of our members of women, I had asked Jane to teach us part of the wilis' choreography.   The white act of Giselle is one of the most beautiful and mesmeric I know.

However, I have received enquiries from several gentlemen.  Although most of Act 2 focuses on Giselle, Myrtha and the wilis, there are two very powerful male roles.   One of them is featured in the film clip above.   

If I were young and male I would love to dance that role and Jane has agreed to teach it to any male dancer of sufficient competence who shows up.   You will need to register for the workshop here  

The workshop will be modelled on the ones Jane delivered for KNT in Manchester a few years ago.  We will begin with floor exercises at 12:15.  It will be followed by Jane's famous warm-up which involves angel wings, walking and then running around the room, changing direction and jumping jacks.  Make sure that your shoes are tight to avoid the problem that happened to me a few months ago.  There will then be a 90-minute class and the rest of the day will be taken up with learning the choreography and rehearsing it.

Because most of the attendees will be women there will be some hanging around for the men.   Jane did allow me to practise the idol's dance in La Bayadere and a little bit of Siegfried's dance from the black act in Swan Lake so she might let you learn the wilis' dance but that will be up to her and not me.  If there are a lot of men who want to learn Hilarion I would be prepared to fund a special workshop for them which Could include something from Act 1 if they want.

Because we are a company and not a school we do not charge for our events.

There will be a chance to dance what we learn at Dance Studio Leeds's autumn show and maybe one of KNT's shows in Manchester.   If anybody has any questions, send me a message through my contact form.


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