Giselle Workshop

Dance Studio Leeds, 17 July 2022
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Our Giselle workshop went ahead yesterday despite unusually high temperatures, traffic disruption and rising numbers of covid cases.  It was a great success in every respect.  Jane Tucker who delivered the workshop described it as the most productive time that she had ever spent with us.   As she has spent more time with us than any other teacher that means that it was one of our best days ever.   

Yesterday's class followed the pattern of our previous workshops which were based on Jane Tucker's choreographic intensives for KNT in Manchester.  We started with class and continued with different bits of the choreography.  Several attendees brought romantic tutus to the workshop which added to the purpose and polish of the occasion.   We covered a lot of the wilis choreography yesterday covering both the entry of the wilis, their mesmeric arabesques across the stage and even some of the soloists' roles. 

As we had received several expressions of interest from male dancers Jane had planned to teach us Hilarion's role but sadly no gentlemen showed up yesterday.  That is a pity because he is one of the most important characters in the story.  His leaps in his death throes are dramatic and visually spectacular.    

There will be other opportunities for any gentlemen who want to learn Hilarion and indeed for any women who could not make the workshop but would still like to be wilis.   I had already pencilled in two dates for rehearsals. in Leeds.   Christie, who teaches dance at York St John, has offered us some more at her studios.  She has also kindly agreed to lead the rehearsals that Jane cannot attend.

We are learning Giselle in order to perform it at Dance Studio Leeds's show in the Autumn and possibly KNT's in Manchester whenever that takes place.  It will also be an important component of our first show which will be a mixed bill of  extracts from some of the great 19th century ballets as well as work that has been choreographed especially for us


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