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Company class 28 July 2018 Dance Studio Leeds
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Today we held our third company class.   In terms of attendance it was the best yet.  It was also very enjoyable.

Our teacher today was Annemarie Donoghue of the Academy of Northern Ballet.   She gave us a brisk but through barre with some refinements to improve our coordination, a delightful port de bras, pirouettes and posés and some exhilarating grands jetés.   She offered lots of tips from the perspective of a performer,  For me, the most memorable was always to look up at the audience at the top of the theatre.    The reverence came far too quickly as it always does with Annemarie's classes. 

We shall not arrange any classes for August as it is a holiday month but I encourage members of the company and anyone else who can get to Manchester on 18 August to attend KNT's Day of Dance at the Dancehouse Studios between 09:00 and 17:00.

Company classes resume on 22 September with a very special event at Z Studios in Liverpool. Mark Hindle will give us our usual company class between 14:00 and 15:30.  He will be followed by Yvonne Charlton of the Jos Dolstra Institute for Dance and Movement in IJsselstein who will teach us some of her choreography.  Demand for this class is likely to be heavy.

I shall enquire about group bookings at the Lowry and Stanley and Audrey Burton for Ballet Black early next week.

I wish everybody a very pleasant summer holiday.


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